B&W ASW 825

Употребявани Тонколони.


Description: active closed-box subwoofer system

Amplifier: 1000W Class-D with switch mode power supply

Drive Unit: Ø300mm (12”) Rohacell® cone long-throw

Dimensions: H 529mm W 476mm D 351mm H 20.8” W 18.7” D 13.8” (not including feet)

Frequency Range: -6dB at 15Hz and 40/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)

Weight: 35 kg / 77 lbs.

Frequency Response: ±3dB 20Hz - 31/110Hz adjustable (EQ at A) F

Цена: 0.00лв.

B&W SCM1 (чифт)

Употребявани Тонколони.

  • 2-way vented-box system
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
  • Sensitivity: 89dB spl
  • Crossover: Frequency 4kHz
Цена: 0.00лв.


Употребявани Тонколони.

Description: 3-way closed-box system

Nominal Impedance: 8Ω (minimum 3.2Ω)

Frequency Range: -6dB at 35Hz and 50kHz

Frequency Response: 42Hz – 22kHz ±3dB on reference axis

Sensitivity: 90dB spl (2.83V, 1m)

Weight: 28 kg / 62 lbs. 

Dimensions: H 320mm W 783mm D 316mm H 12.6” W 30.8” D 12.4”

Цена: 0.00лв.

B&W 803 S (чифт)

Употребявани Тонколони.

Type: 3 way, 4 driver loudspeaker system
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 50kHz
Recommended Amplifier: 50 to 250W
Crossover Frequency: 350, 4000Hz
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 90dB
Bass: 2 x 180mm rohacell cone
Midrange: 1 x 150mm kevlar cone
Tweeter: 1 x 25mm aluminium dome
Enclosure: bass reflex
Dimensions: 1063 x 291 x 433mm
Weight: 41kg
Цена: 0.00лв.

B & W AS2 230V EC Silver

The AS2 features a Mica cone driver, the extreme stiffness of which is able to withstand the considerable forces generated by dynamic bass signals. The integral 150 watt amplifier, features our Bass Overload Suppression System circuitry to avoid the annoying distortion effects that might normally occur should some unexpectedly loud signal threaten to overload the subwoofer.

The AS2 can accept both line level and speaker level inputs and has a choice of equalisation, enabling the response to be tailored to your room.

Цена: 1,075.00лв.
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Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D 5.1 комплект за домашно кино

Комбинирайте малките хитри M-1 сателитни тонколони с експлозивната мощ на събуфъра PV1D, и ще получите флагмана на мини-системите за домашно кино на Bowers & Wilkins - МТ-60D. Не се оставяйте компактният и размер да ви заблуди - това е една много сериозна система!

Цена: 4,899.00лв.
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