Oyaide PA-23 (/1m.)

Their excellent traction control and flexibility are achieved by integrating four different types of materials. The double-layered noise protection system is composed of copper foil and solid-state carbon. Its PCOCC-A multi-stranded structure enables the infilling of random spaces inside the cable and prevents deformation among the wires.

The exterior colors are Mars Violet for PA-22 and Ash Blue for PA-23 that express elegance and sophistication.

The astonishingly creative and leading-edge technology honed by decade of experience in developing cables is seemingly married with the sophisticated structure and the latest materials.

Цена: 95.00лв.

Oyaide Tunami (/1m.)

TUNAMI makes new history


The "TUNAMI" is a powerful, high-speed and dynamic cable of a new generation. The short-pitch stranded PCOCC-A wire which has 5.5sq cross-section area actualizes high-power signal transmission. Its voltage endurance is 600V and maximum amperage is 30A. For noise protection, we specially developed the triple-layered shielding structure. It not only rejects internal and external noise, but also instantaneous spark noise due to vibration.

From the deep stillness of TUNAMI, you can even sense the atmosphere of pre-performance of sound source. Since the day of our establishment in 1952, we at Oyaide Electric had opportunities to apply a number of State-of-ART technologies specific to our specialized cable store. Our products reflecting such advantages offer unmatched performance. Moreover, TUNAMI achieved to increase security proved by clearing <PS>E.

TUNAMI GPX embodies an ideal fusion of State-of-Art technology and craftsmanship. It equipped with P/C-046 special edition plug and connectors which was highly-regarded in the US and Japanese market.


Цена: 210.00лв.
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