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PS Audio

PS Audio

PS Audio

High end connected home entertainment products





PS Audio - Duet

The Duet is a no-compromise  performer that features our exclusive Nano Crystalline filters, dual differential zone cleaning, over under voltage as well as surge and spike protection that is state-of-the-art.  The Duet has no power limitations and will not restrict dynamic range of connected equipment.  Clean spacious and open performance for audio with richer blacks and a more three diemnsional image for video.  The Duet is perfect for any small system or as a standalone power center for power amplifiers of any wattage.



PS Audio - Quintet Power Center

Component level AC cleaning and protection in a compact and affordable form.  The PS Audio Quintet Power Center saves your system by protecting it from deadly power surges.  It saves your eyes & ears from the effects of dirty electricity by offering outstanding AC Power filtering with Nano-Crystalline port isolation.  It saves space by being 75% smaller than The Power Plant Premier or Quintessence.  And it saves you the headache of trying to find a power filter you can trust.  Most importantly: it saves you money.

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PS Audio - Quintessence

AC power filter with the deepest cleaning of any passive filter in the world.  The Quintessence Power Center is a remarkable system wide AC power filter capable of cleaning the AC, protecting your equipment and providing state-of-the-art passive filtering.


PS Audio Power Plant Premier


Generates new AC power for the entire system. It is like having a power generating station right in your own home. Quiet, clean and powerful, the winner of the TAS product of the year, the Premier is the single most effective means of improving your system performance and providing you with a crisp, clear A/V experience. It does this not by "conditioning" but by rebuilding the old AC power into new, pure, regulated AC. The Premier doesn`t care what the quality of your incoming AC is; what comes out is perfect. Ten outlets, THD analyzer, voltage meter, MultiWave, CleanWave and a remote control.

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