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Onkyo Unveils Next-Generation A/V Receivers for 4K/60 Hz Entertainment, Universal Hi-res Audio Streaming

Date: 2014-05-12


• New Network A/V Receivers Debut with HDMI® * supporting 4K/60Hz Video and 21:9 widescreen format
• HDCP 2.2, the latest DRM copy protection standard for future Video broadcasts and Streaming
• Universal Wireless Audio Streaming with Built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth
• Engineered for Stellar Surround-Sound and Two-Channel Performance

OSAKA, JAPAN. Onkyo announces two state-of-the-art network A/V receivers, the 5.2-channel TX-NR535 and 7.2 channel TX-NR636. Both feature HDMI specified for 4K/60Hz, built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth, and universal support for hi-res network audio while the TX-NR636, adds HDCP 2.2 compatibility to support the latest DRM copy production standard.

Onkyo is the first CE manufacturer to implement 4K/60Hz capability in a A/V receiver, paving the way for Ultra HD video playback at a liquid-smooth 60 frames per second. This is great news for PC gamers who can now add wall-shaking surround sound to their 4K/60 Hz experience. Consumers who don’t have an Ultra HD TV, meanwhile, can be confident their A/V receiver is ready for future home theater upgrades.

The TX-NR636 is also the first A/V receiver to support HDCP 2.2. This latest DRM copy-protection standard will be adopted for future premium 4K studio releases, 4K streaming via internet service providers, as well as for UHD terrestrial and satellite broadcasts. This content will be unplayable (or converted to standard definition) when passed through non-HDCP 2.2-compliant A/V receivers. Compatibility is therefore essential to users who plan to enjoy premium content in the future.

Powerful and Dynamic Sound Quality

Both the TX-NR535 and TX-NR636 are based on custom high-current architecture. High current is crucial for managing impedance fluctuations and sudden dynamic gains, and to ensure that power is instantaneously available at all times. A massive customized transformer, extra-large capacitors, and discrete low-distortion amplifiers are used, while the TX-NR636 adds Onkyo’s premier Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry on the front and center channels. Both receivers have been meticulously tuned to deliver clear, full-bodied sound with a revealing midrange and fast, punchy bass. Both are equally adept at steering DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby® TrueHD soundtracks through multiple channels or filling rooms with musical and engaging two-channel sound.

Engineered for High-Resolution Audio

Onkyo continues to wholeheartedly embraced high-resolution music. Onkyo’s free Remote App 2 for iOs and Android devices easily locates and streams network-attached hi-res tracks via DLNA®. Both receivers feature can play almost any high-resolution format including 5.6 MHz DSD, Dolby® TrueHD, 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC and WAV, as well as ALAC to 96 kHz and 24-bit depth.

Music stored on smartphone and tablet can be streamed via Remote App 2 and Wi-Fi to the home theater, while users can browse and stream millions of available tracks on Spotify, Internet Radio, Deezer, AUPEO! and TuneIn from within the app. Support for Spotify Connect will be added later this year via firmware update. This feature will enable subscribers to stream Spotify’s massive library of music to the receiver directly from the Spotify app via Wi-Fi.

Onboard Bluetooth is also included (no extra charge for an adapter) for convenient wireless listening, with Onkyo’s Advanced Music Optimizer DSP vastly improving the quality of compressed audio.

Dual 32-bit DSP Engines

On the TX-NR636, audio processing power has been upgraded from one to two 32-bit DSP engines for smooth and easy decoding of high-resolution formats such as Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and 5.6 MHz DSD.

Simple Operation for People of All Ages

Everything from initial setup to everyday operation has been made simple and stress-free. Both models include Onkyo’s proprietary AccuEQ calibration system to optimize the surround sound to suit individual room acoustics and speaker setups. On-screen menus are overlaid via HDMI and adjustments can be made without interruption to the program. All major control functions are also available via the remote streaming app, including cold power-up from Hybrid Standby.

Loaded with Useful Features and Connections

The TX-NR636 boasts six rear HDMI inputs, one front HDMI input supporting MHL™, and two HDMI outputs. It has an MM phono stage for turntable connection, and dedicated Powered Zone 2 terminals for multi-room audio. Users can also assign the surround back channels to bi-amp their front speakers. The receiver includes Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz 7.1-channel upmixing, and converts low-resolution video (from legacy consoles or DVDs, for example) to 1080p/4K using industry-leading Qdeo™ upscaling technology.

The TX-NR535, meanwhile, has six rear 4K/60 Hz-capable HDMI inputs and one output, and can pass 4K/60 Hz content through to a compatible display. Both feature a USB input supporting most lossless audio formats stored on flash memory devices.

A Potent Combination of Performance and Value

A small but passionate group of hi-fi veterans, Onkyo has raised the bar yet again by marrying next-generation technology with genuine high-fidelity audio performance, and by keeping its products affordable enough for average people. These two A/V network receivers offer supreme value, performance, and usability at the entry level.

Onkyo Corporation, Japan

*On the TX-NR636, 4K/60 Hz video is supported on rearside HDMI inputs 1–4, the frontside input, and both outputs. HDCP 2.2 is supported on HDMI Input 3 and Main Out. High-resolution gapless playback is supported on FLAC, WAV, and ALAC-encoded albums.

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