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About Us

AV Solution was established in 2011 to organize a large online catalog of high-tech products. Its management and staff are experts in the field with over 20 years experience.

    We offer proven and quality brands, leaders in the technology. You have the ability to choose high-end audio-visual products in one place, without leaving your home si.Tuk you can get professional help and guidance from our online consultants to make the right choice..

   We aim to achieve the best service to our customers excellent prices, fast delivery and attractive offers. So you can take advantage of the best on the market.

Furthermore, we provide competent installation, setup, warranty and maintenance of the devices you have bought.





In designing the property Architects know that many of the decisions on infrastructure, it was originally made for heating, security or lighting, are beneficial for all parties involved. Today, projects can involve multi-room entertainment systems, in which the same rule.
AV Solution can help by working with the architect to ensure that is done the correct specification of technology, consulting and wiring during the first correction.



Interior Designers

Interior Designers


Interior designers increasingly are asked to prepare "lifestyle" projects involving audio-visual technology to be integrated seamlessly with the design of the building.
AV Solution works with long-established products that do just that and work with interior designers to ensure that the technology works as part of the overall design concept.



Property Developers

Property Developers


In a competitive market, developers should be aware of what their properties to give a market advantage. AV Solution can advise you from the outset for the best home entertainment systems, to ensure maximum return from any built property.
New construction and repairs quickly navigate the appliances and devices, whether kitchen, bathroom, loft extension or a whole house technology is expected to help in our daily lives. House built with capacity requirements covering technology development, such as installing the necessary cabling will certainly appeal to discerning buyers looking to the future


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Property Developers

It is important for each plant is to work closely with other professionals in all areas of the project, including architects, interior designers, project managers, contractors, electricians, security companies home and others.

Benefits include:

In general, communication with all parties
Minimize time and costly re-repair
A precise timetable
Reduced labor costs
Achieving customer deadline


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